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Willcox Police Department Receives $1.37 Million Grant to Boost Technology in Fight Against Smuggling Activities

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
Funding for technology upgrades awarded to Willcox Police Department

Recently, the Willcox Police Department in Arizona received a grant of $1.37 million from the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to improve their technology in order to combat smuggling activities from the southern border. With this funding, the department was able to purchase license plate cameras, radios, computers, and vehicles to enhance their capabilities.

According to Police Chief Dale Hadfield, the newly acquired license plate cameras are strategically placed throughout the city near entry and exit points. Although they are not actively monitored all the time, law enforcement is notified when a captured license plate matches one in an open police report. This allows the cameras to serve as a post-incident investigation tool rather than a means of preventing crimes. Hadfield emphasized that the cameras significantly increase the chances of identifying suspects and provide valuable leads for detectives.

In addition to purchasing new equipment, the department also invested in upgrading their technology infrastructure with new radios that enable communication with law enforcement agencies across the state, as well as acquiring new vehicles including two canine units and a faster car for pursuits. With only 11 officers on staff, this investment has allowed them to have more resources to monitor and respond to criminal activity passing through the city. The goal is to enhance their ability to address crime effectively and improve overall public safety.

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The Willcox Police Department’s efforts towards improving their technology will ultimately benefit both law enforcement officials and residents alike by increasing public safety measures against smugglers who often use these streets for illegal activities involving both migrants and drugs.

Overall, this investment will help prevent future incidents of such nature while providing better tools for law enforcement agencies across Arizona state.

This story highlights how crucial it is for police departments around the world

By Samantha Jones

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