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Mouse and Keyboard Support Added to Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
Mouse and keyboard support now available on Xbox Cloud Gaming, featuring Fortnite and Doom 64

In a major update, Xbox Cloud Gaming now supports mouse and keyboard input for PC users in the preview version. This means that players can enjoy games like Fortnite, Doom 64, and Sea of Thieves through the Xbox cloud service on Edge and Chrome browsers, as well as the Xbox app on Windows PC.

Two years ago, Xbox announced plans to add mouse and keyboard support to the platform. This feature is now available to users enrolled in the PC Gaming Preview program. However, it is only compatible with certain games in the Xbox Cloud Gaming catalog on PC.

Players can now seamlessly use a mouse and keyboard to play a variety of games in the Xbox Cloud Gaming catalog. Titles such as Fortnite, ARK Survival Evolved, Sea of Thieves, and Halo Infinite now support these peripherals. Users must enable preview features in their browser and play games in full-screen mode to utilize this feature effectively.

While some games may initially display controller UI elements, they will adapt to mouse and keyboard controls once the player starts using these peripherals. This new feature aims to enhance the gaming experience for players who prefer using a mouse and keyboard on PC.

Xbox has been working hard to improve its cloud gaming service for PC users. With this new feature added to their platform, players can now have even more options when playing their favorite titles from anywhere with an internet connection.

By Samantha Jones

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