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WASE Launches Revolutionary Technology to Optimize Waste-to-Energy Processes: The Electro-Methanogenic Reactor

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
WASE Raises More Than £8.5M to Expand Waste-to-Energy Technology

WASE, a leading biogas technology company, is set to revolutionize the waste treatment and energy sectors with the launch of its Electro-Methanogenic Reactor technology. According to the company’s website, this investment is a critical component of their scale-up strategy and will enable them to deliver their technology to customers.

The Electro-Methanogenic Reactor is designed to maximize the recovery of biogas from organic matter in wastewater, ensuring that Anaerobic Digestion plants achieve the highest yields possible. The company boasts that their units can increase biogas generation by 30%, which is up to ten times faster than traditional AD processes. Additionally, the technology boosts the methane content of biogas to over 80%, surpassing the typical 50-60% found in conventional AD processes.

One of WASE’s key selling points is its plug-and-play system that seamlessly fits into existing infrastructure. The modular solution allows for customization, making it easier for companies to deploy at their site and ultimately leading to increased energy production and reduced costs in the long run. The system is significantly smaller (50-70%) than similar technologies currently available in the market.

Thomas Fudge, Founder and CEO of WASE, envisions a future where his technology sets a new standard in waste treatment and energy sectors by optimizing waste breakdown and boosting methane production across the board. He believes that Waste-to-Energy should maximize economic and environmental benefits for all stakeholders, with WASE leading the way in the biogas market.

Carlota Ochoa Neven Du Mont, Principal at Extantia, agrees with Fudge’s vision and believes that WASE’s approach not only increases biogas and biomethane yields but also reshapes the way industrial businesses think about their resources. She sees this as making AD processes more profitable and productive while driving a shift towards more sustainable and efficient resource management practices.

Overall, WASE’s Electro-Methanogenic Reactor technology represents a significant step forward in both waste treatment and energy production sectors. With its plug-and-play design, modularity, efficiency, and sustainability benefits, it has enormous potential for growth in industries worldwide.

By Samantha Jones

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