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Trützschler Revolutionizes Textile Recycling with Holistic Truecycled System

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Textile Recycling Technology Now Available from Trützschler

Trützschler has recently expanded its portfolio to become the first full-liner in the preparation of textile waste. Through collaboration with Balkan Textile Machinery in Turkey, the company has developed Truecycled recycling technology, which offers solutions from mechanical recycling to the spinning preparation of torn secondary fibers.

Georg Stegschuster, a researcher specializing in textile recycling, highlights the importance of fine-tuning both tearing and spinning preparation processes to achieve the best quality results and minimize unnecessary fiber shortening. By ensuring optimal configurations and settings and having expertise in both processes, manufacturers can improve the quality of end-products made from recycled materials without compromising on performance.

Trützschler’s Truecycled system covers the entire process, from cutting and tearing textile waste to carding and drawing secondary fibers. This holistic approach combined with Trützschler’s extensive expertise allows manufacturers to maintain control over the process and prevent unnecessary fiber shortening. As a result, the share of pre- or post-consumer waste in yarns can be increased without sacrificing quality, demonstrating the potential for higher quality end-products from recycled materials.

By Samantha Jones

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