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The Tragic Loss of Ana Julia, the Gigantic Anaconda Discovered in the Formoso River: What Really Happened and Why it Matters for Conservation Efforts

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Ana Julia, the largest snake in the world, was discovered dead in the Amazon Rainforest shortly after being found

In the rural area of Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul State in southern Brazil, a giant anaconda was found dead in the Formoso River. Ana Julia, as she was named, measured 26 feet in length and weighed approximately 440 pounds. The discovery was made during filming for National Geographic’s Disney+ series ‘Pole to Pole’ with Will Smith.

While speculation arose that the snake may have been shot, Professor Freek Vonk, part of the discovery team, emphasized that investigations into the cause of death were ongoing. He shared the unfortunate news on Instagram and expressed sorrow over the loss of such a mighty animal. Ana Julia had been swimming in the area for decades and was described as an iron-strong species that played a significant role in biodiversity.

During the discovery, Professor Bryan Fry from The University of Queensland marveled at the incredible size of the anacondas found in the area, with one female measuring 6.3 meters long. There were also anecdotal reports from the Waorani people of other anacondas in the region measuring more than 7.5 meters long and weighing approximately 500 kilograms. The loss of Ana Julia is a significant blow to local biodiversity and highlights the need for conservation efforts to protect these impressive creatures.

The team that discovered Ana Julia is still investigating her cause of death and has not yet found any evidence supporting claims that she was shot. However, it is clear that her loss is a significant blow to local biodiversity and highlights the need for conservation efforts to protect these impressive creatures.

Ana Julia’s discovery sparked interest among researchers who marveled at her enormous size. While initial reports indicated that she may have been shot, further investigation revealed no evidence supporting this claim.

Professor Freek Vonk shared his sadness over Ana Julia’s passing on social media while emphasizing that authorities were still working to determine how she died.

Meanwhile, Professor Bryan Fry from The University of Queensland expressed amazement at how large some anacondas can grow in this region.

The Waorani people reported seeing other snakes larger than Ana Julia, measuring over 7 meters long and weighing around 500 kilograms.

The loss of such a magnificent creature underscores why conservation efforts are crucial to protect these animals and preserve their habitats.

By Samantha Jones

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