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New Vehicle Allocation Saves Valencia’s Almussafes Factory from Uncertain Future: Ford’s Commitment to Electrification and Job Creation.

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Ford announces new vehicle production at Almussafes plant, secures future prospects.

Ford’s global management has announced plans to assign a new passenger vehicle model to the Almussafes factory in Valencia, Spain, to maintain sufficient workload while decisions about the future of electrification are being made. This news was conveyed by UGT, the majority union at the plant, during a meeting with Ford’s global president, Jim Farley.

The Almussafes factory has been under temporary employment regulation (ERTE) since April 17 after ceasing production of the Transit van and is currently producing only one manufacturing model, the Kuga. The assignment of a new model guarantees the immediate future of the factory and its employees who number close to 4,800.

Over the past six years, the Valencian plant has seen a significant decrease in production from almost 370,000 cars in 2018 to just under 212,000 cars last year due to several factors including uncertainty regarding investments for electric vehicles. However, Ford has recently chosen Almussafes to produce a new electric vehicle platform starting in 2025.

The decision by Ford’s global management comes at a crucial time when the factory is operating under an extended ERTE due to challenges with Kuga production. The new vehicle allocation guarantees its viability for years to come and provides relief for both workers and local automotive clusters.

The Valencian automotive industry represented by AVIA has welcomed the news of a new vehicle allocation and emphasized the importance of clear dates and volumes for effective planning by suppliers. Additionally, Ford’s application for funding under Perte VEC II further signals their commitment towards developing electric vehicles at Almussafes factory.

In conclusion, this decision by Ford’s global management will provide much-needed stability for workers and businesses in Valencia as well as contribute positively towards economic recovery through increased productivity and job creation within the local automotive cluster.

By Samantha Jones

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