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Finland’s Unwavering Opposition to EU’s Restoration Regulation: Amid Flexibilities and Controversy

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Eveliina Heinäluoma is impressed by Finland’s standing in the EU- “It’s time to make a decision”

Finland’s stance on the EU’s restoration regulation has been a topic of contention and uncertainty. Initially, Finland voted against the proposal, then abstained from voting, and now their position is once again “no.” Member of Parliament Eveliina Heinäluoma is questioning the government’s handling of the regulation, as it seems inconsistent to now tighten Finland’s position on it.

The restoration regulation aims to bring binding obligations to improve the state of nature in different habitats, sparking discussion in Finland and the EU. Despite Finland voting against the proposal last summer, it narrowly passed the Council of Member States. Subsequently, during tripartite negotiations, flexibilities were added to the regulation to lower costs and give member countries more control over restoration efforts.

When the council voted on the regulation in November, Finland abstained, although this does not count as a vote in qualified majority decisions. Hungary’s changed vote has now added complexity to the situation, as the EU presidency is seeking member states to change their minds and vote in favor of the regulation. However, Finland remains steadfast in its decision to vote against it.

Minister of Environment Kai Mykkänen expressed dissatisfaction with the situation and emphasized the need for consistency in EU decision-making. Heinäluoma believes that Finland missed an opportunity to promote a green transition by not supporting

By Samantha Jones

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