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Rising Euribor Rates Mean Higher Mortgage Fees in Spain, But Relief for Those Who Review Them Semi-Annually

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Euribor Rates to Increase in March, Making Annual Mortgage Reviews Pricier

Mortgage holders in Spain will see a slight increase in their annual fees as the 12-month Euribor sets to close March on the rise, hovering around 3.72%. This means that those who review their loans annually will pay a higher fee, while those who review them semi-annually will experience some relief.

As of March, the average Euribor rate stands at 3.72%, up from 3.671% in February and an increase from the same time last year when it was at an average of 3.647%. Analysts predict that the Euribor will likely remain stable or trend slightly downward until June when the European Central Bank is expected to reduce interest rates.

However, uncertainties such as economic slowdowns, inflation, and geopolitical conflicts could impact its trajectory in the second half of the year, with experts predicting a slight decrease in the Euribor. The overall trend for the short term is expected to fluctuate around 3.7%, with significant drops possible in the long term due to central bank decisions and global economic factors.

In conclusion, mortgage holders should stay informed about market trends and make informed decisions regarding their loans based on these trends and central bank decisions.

By Samantha Jones

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