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Nebraska Farmers and Ranchers: Accessible and Affordable Health Benefits Soon a Reality with New Bill

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Ag Nonprofits’ Health Benefit Plans Approved by Unicameral Update

Nebraska farmers and ranchers may soon have access to affordable health benefits, thanks to a bill that was granted final approval by lawmakers on March 28. Sponsored by Sen. Robert Dover of Norfolk, LB1313 allows health benefit plans sponsored by certain nonprofit agricultural organizations to operate without being subject to insurance regulation if they provide benefits through a self-funded arrangement administered by a licensed third-party administrator.

To be eligible for the program, an organization must have been established primarily to promote programs for the development of rural communities and the economic stability of Nebraska farmers, as well as meet several other requirements laid out in the bill. Before offering health benefits, an organization must submit a certification to the state Department of Insurance confirming that it meets these requirements.

The bill ultimately passed with a unanimous vote of 45-0, providing hope for improved access to affordable health benefits for agricultural workers in the state. Under LB1313, plans may have their risks reinsured by a company authorized to do business in Nebraska. This will help reduce costs and improve accessibility for farmers and ranchers who often struggle to afford healthcare due to their remote locations and limited resources.

By Samantha Jones

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