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Keep or Sell: Spanish Population’s Obsession with Outdated Electronic Devices Revealed

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Outdated tech gadgets gathering dust in Spanish households’ drawers

In 2024, a study on technology consumption in Spain revealed that 85 percent of the population holds onto at least one device they no longer use. This includes smartphones, multimedia players, computer accessories, video game consoles or virtual reality headsets. However, it was found that 29 percent of Spaniards keep five or more obsolete electronic devices at home.

The old mobile phone is the most commonly stored device among Spaniards, with 67 percent admitting to keeping one even though they use a newer model. Other frequently kept devices include media players and computers and accessories. Some individuals also store video game consoles or virtual reality headsets.

While some people are hesitant to get rid of these devices due to caution for potential future use or nostalgia, others are open to parting ways with them for economic benefits from selling them, freeing up space at home, or ensuring they will never use them again. The study was conducted by Grover and sheds light on the habits of Spaniards when it comes to keeping obsolete technology at home.

The study shows that almost three-quarters of the Spanish population stores multiple outdated technological products, with smartphones being the most common among them. Despite their reluctance to let go of these devices, many people are considering parting ways with them for various reasons.

In conclusion, while some Spanish people hold onto obsolete electronic devices out of caution or nostalgia, others are open to getting rid of them in order to gain economic benefits and free up space at home. The study conducted by Grover provides insight into the habits of Spanish people when it comes to keeping obsolete technology at home.

By Samantha Jones

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