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Israel’s Toxic Wild Plants: Understanding the Dangers of Misfirings with Edible and Medicinal Plants

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Elderly couple dies after consuming wild garlic plant picked for soup

In Israel, it is not possible to find wild garlic plants, but there are other species of garlic. However, this has led to cases of confusion between poisonous plants and edible plants that have posed real danger. Avivit Berkovich, an expert in collecting wild plants for food and medicine, and the author of the book “The Guide for Nature Lovers,” explains that sometimes people misidentify plants or do not know how to use them properly, leading to potential risks.

Berkovich stresses the importance of correctly identifying plants to avoid accidents. She notes that some plants can be confused with common edible ones like parsley or hemlock, which can be toxic if ingested. It is important to conduct thorough research and possess a good understanding of plant identification before foraging for wild plants.

One example she gives is the danger of mistaking hemlock for parsley, which can have serious consequences on the nervous system if ingested. Berkovich also warns about the risks associated with toxin absorption from plants like a woman who experienced paralysis after being in close contact with a toxic plant while cleaning her garden. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the potential dangers of wild plants and taking precautions to avoid accidental poisoning.

In summary, while there may be other species of garlic in Israel, it is essential to identify wild plants correctly before using them as food or medicine. Proper knowledge and understanding are crucial in avoiding potential risks associated with toxic plant misidentification.

By Samantha Jones

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