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Unleashing the Elite: A Glimpse into the Intense Seven-Month Training Program that Molds U.S. Marine Corps Officers into Combat Leaders

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
A Glimpse into Marine Corps Officer Basic School at Quantico

The Basic School is an intense seven-month training program designed to prepare newly commissioned second lieutenants in the United States Marine Corps for the leadership roles they will undertake in the future. This rigorous program challenges officers physically, academically, and tactically to ensure they are fully prepared for the demands of combat.

As part of their training, Marine Corps officers are trained to lead enlisted Marines in combat scenarios. This includes taking on the roles of enlisted Marines themselves to gain firsthand experience in the tasks they will later delegate to their subordinates. The culminating event of The Basic School is The War, a crucible where students are divided into opposing forces and must strategically battle to seize and defend a city.

Chief video correspondent Graham Flanagan spent five days inside The Basic School at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia, observing five different companies in various stages of training. During his time there, he saw firsthand how the program challenges officers both physically and mentally, pushing them to their limits as they prepare for the rigors of combat.

But it’s not just American service members who benefit from this comprehensive training program. The Basic School also hosts officers from countries like Greece, the Bahamas, and the Netherlands, adding a unique international perspective to the training. Through their attendance at The Basic School, these foreign officers gain valuable insights into how Marine Corps officers are trained and prepared for combat, providing a glimpse into one of the world’s most elite military forces.

By Samantha Jones

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