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The End of an Era at Audi Brussels: 371 Workers to Be Laid Off, Factory’s Future Uncertain

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Audi Brussels decreases production and lays off 371 temporary workers

Audi Brussels spokesperson Peter D’hoore has announced that the factory’s interim contracts will not be extended, describing the decision as a difficult one to make. This is due to challenging economic conditions and uncertainty surrounding subsidies in some markets, which are causing reluctance among customers to purchase fully electric vehicles. As a result, Audi Brussels, which exclusively produces electric cars, must adjust their production program.

The factory in Forest builds the large electric Audi Q8 e-tron but not the smaller Q6 e-tron. The decision to lay off 371 employees was communicated to the unions during a meeting of the works council. The ABVV has issued a strike notice and hopes to negotiate with management to reduce the number of dismissals.

According to union representative Franky De Schrijver, the factory is currently at a standstill, and the strike notice will take effect when temporary unemployment ends. There were discussions last month about introducing additional weeks of temporary unemployment and reducing production speed, but the decision to lay off workers came as a surprise.

The future of the factory in Forest is uncertain as production of the Q8 will cease in 2027, and no new model has been assigned yet. The ABVV expects to hear in November whether a new model will be allocated to the factory. Meetings between the union and management are held every six weeks, with a decision typically announced in November regarding which series will be produced in which factories.

By Samantha Jones

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