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Sedgwick County’s Health Outcomes: A Look at Obesity and Health Factors

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Sedgwick County in Need of Improvement for Better Health, Report Shows

A recent report by County Health Rankings revealed that almost 40% of adults in Sedgwick County are considered obese, which is higher than both the state of Kansas and the national averages. However, despite this concerning statistic, there are other factors that impact overall health outcomes for the community.

Health outcomes and health factors are assessed in the report for each county across the nation. Health outcomes indicate the average lifespan and overall physical and mental well-being of individuals in a community. Health factors, on the other hand, represent areas that individuals can work on to improve their longevity and overall health.

Sedgwick County’s health outcomes are reported to be worse than the average county in Kansas but better than the national average. In terms of health factors, Sedgwick County falls around the same as the average county in Kansas and better than the average county in the nation.

One significant factor contributing to obesity levels is limited access to healthy foods. The report highlights that one in 10 low-income residents in Sedgwick County do not have nearby grocery stores, impacting their ability to maintain a healthy diet. Additionally, access to exercise opportunities is also examined in the report, with Sedgwick County residents falling between the state and national averages for finding places to be active.

Wyatt Beckham, a senior analyst at Kansas Health Institute, suggests utilizing community parks as a way to increase exercise opportunities for residents. Overall, individuals in Sedgwick County have better health outcomes compared to the national average, despite the challenges posed by obesity and limited access to healthy foods and exercise opportunities.

By Samantha Jones

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