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Revolutionary Breakthrough in Space Exploration: New Astrocomb Detects Earth-Like Planets Through Unprecedented Analysis of Blue-Green Light

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
Breakthrough in Astrocomb Technology Could Aid in Uncovering Earth-like Planets | Latest Science and Technology Updates

Scientists have recently made a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of space exploration with the development of an astrocomb that can detect Earth-like planets. The new technology, created by physicists at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and Cambridge University, expands the possibilities within the field of astronomy.

By examining shorter wavelength light, researchers hope to uncover previously unknown secrets of the universe. Astrocombs have typically been limited to the green-red part of the light spectrum, but this new system allows for analysis of blue-green light emitted by stars. These slight variations in a star’s light caused by orbiting exoplanets are detected by astrocombs.

Dr. Samantha Thompson from Cambridge University expressed excitement about this new technology’s potential to allow for the study of smaller planets with longer orbits. The goal is to discover the first Earth-like planet orbiting around a nearby sun-like star. Heriot-Watt Professor Derryck Reid noted that this technology provides a continuous sequence of optical markers from the ultraviolet to blue-green, serving as a precision wavelength scale in this part of the spectrum.

The technology is currently being developed for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) being constructed in Chile’s Atacama Desert. This telescope will be 39 meters long and will be one of the largest visible and infrared light telescopes in existence when it is completed. The UK team involved in this project will also be working on implementing astrocombs for telescopes in South Africa and Canary Islands, which could lead to significant discoveries in space exploration.

This groundbreaking technology has opened up new avenues for researchers and scientists alike, providing exciting prospects for future space exploration and discovery.

By Samantha Jones

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