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Estée Lauder Ignites Young Minds in STEM through Hands-on Events and Partnerships

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
Estée Lauder Showcases Next-Gen Talent in Science Early on

Estée Lauder is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of consumer goods professionals in Long Island, New York by hosting STEM-related events. These events provide children and teens with a unique opportunity to explore the science and technology behind Estée Lauder’s beauty products. Through hands-on activities related to natural ingredients, product formulation, package design, and more, the company aims to spark interest in potential STEM-related careers among participants. Additionally, Estée Lauder uses these events to gather valuable consumer insights by recruiting for its clinical study panels.

Simona Sitarus, director of R&D product formulation at Estée Lauder, emphasized the importance of educating the local community about the scientific aspects of beauty. She expressed the company’s commitment to sparking excitement about science and helping educate future STEM talent in Long Island. Estée Lauder also offers networking and growth opportunities for students through its applied learning program at Farmingdale State College and partnership with the Girl Scouts of Nassau County STEM Conference. Professionals at Estée Lauder have noted that many of their full-time careers with the company began with completing the R&D summer internship program.

Sharon Mesfen, Estée Lauder fellow in advanced technology pioneering, highlighted the company’s goal of inspiring students to pursue careers in STEM fields. Estée Lauder has made significant efforts to innovate in various aspects of its business operations, including being an early adopter of Google Cloud to enhance its AI-powered tech strategy and partnering with OpenAI’s generative AI platform. Through these initiatives, Estée Lauder continues to drive innovation and prepare the next generation of STEM professionals for success.

By Samantha Jones

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