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Lecanto fraternal twins learn accomplishment in competing collectively


Mar 18, 2023

TAMPA, Fla. — Mallori and Mackenzi Grey have been involved in sports all their lives. 

What You Need To Know

  • Mallori and Mackenzi are fraternal twins
  • They’ve every competed alongside each and every single other taking into consideration the reality that they had been eight
  • They are credits shy of also graduating with their A.A. from College of Central Florida
  • Mom, Wanda Grey also coached the girls in volleyball

They started playing volleyball, a sport their mother coached. 

Mom, Wanda Grey told Spectrum Sports 360’s Katya Guillaume, “At a young age, they could do something that possibly some of the other people couldn’t do perfect away just due to the reality I assume they had been in the well being club and saw it and had a ball in their hands ordinarily.”

Grey saw their potential early on.

“They would be the youngsters on the side while the older youngsters are playing in a tournament, get a group of other youngsters to play,” she stated.  

The girls have fairly considerably regularly played the precise very same sport, and had been on the precise very same group, but by no suggests compete against each and every single other till this year. 


Mallori stated, “The only concern we in reality competed in this year was, we’re in the precise very same class for weightlifting.”

They compete in the 129-weight class. 

Weightlifting is a sport they just lately got into but at the moment found exceptional accomplishment.

“Coach Rausch pushed us to do weightlifting due to the reality it would help with our vertical in volleyball and help common strength,” Mallori added.

Absolutely, the girls found improvement in their other sports right away soon after taking on weightlifting. 

They are also involved in track and field collectively, a additional sport they lately picked up. 

Lecanto’s track and field coach, Philip La Barbara stated, “They every do extended and triple, Mal does greater. A lot of that goes with them playing volleyball.”

Mallori and Mackenzi do not know of a time when they weren’t competing collectively, but that is about to transform.

On top of all the sports they are involved in, they are a handful of credits shy of acquiring their associate degree from the College of Central Florida.

Mackenzi stated, “I got my core classes like English and Math out the way final year so this year I’ve been in a position to take some intro to teaching classes.”

Mallori added, “I’m at present undecided but I’m leaning towards something on the route of biology. I seriously like Marine Biology and Wildlife Conservation.”

The girls will separate right away soon after graduation.

Mackenzi will concentrate on education in this subsequent chapter while Mallori will go back to her really initially get pleasure from volleyball, while acquiring her degree. 

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