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America’s Stand Against Russian Aggression: US Businesses Cut Off Access to Western Technologies

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
US continues efforts to restrict technology transfer to Russia for weapon development

Russian aggression in Ukraine has prompted supporters to gather near the White House in Washington, US, to protest. The US government is taking action to prevent its businesses from exporting commodities to foreign parties that may use them for military purposes in Russia.

A Commerce Department official stated that over 20 corporations have received letters requesting them to stop providing parts for drones and missiles found in Ukraine. This move aims to hinder Russia’s military efforts by cutting off access to Western technologies.

The US and over 30 other nations have imposed sanctions on Moscow in an effort to limit its ability to wage war. However, despite these measures, American components continue to be discovered in Russian weapons left behind in Ukraine.

In response, Assistant Secretary Matthew Axelrod sent out letters asking more than 20 American companies to halt shipments due to the risk of products ending up in Russia. Senior US officials are also engaging with company leaders to discuss additional measures that can prevent their products from being used by Russia.

The situation continues with tensions between Russia and Ukraine growing, and the international community working tirelessly to find a peaceful resolution.

By Samantha Jones

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