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A Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity: The Office of Science’s Journey Towards Equality and Empowerment

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
A Heartfelt Goodbye: A Letter to Staff from the Retiring Director of the DOE Office of Science

The Office of Science has made significant progress towards becoming more inclusive, accessible, and equitable through various initiatives such as RENEW, FAIR, and PIER plans. While there is still room for improvement, I am proud of the strides we have already made. We have put in the hard work to assess our culture and processes and make necessary changes.

I am grateful for the dedication of everyone in our office who has taken the time to engage with communities through initiatives like office hours, site visits, and conference engagements. These efforts reflect our commitment to ensuring that federal resources are distributed equitably to serve the public.

As Director of Science, I will continue to advocate for science and look forward to seeing the Office of Science educate and inspire stakeholders while promoting sustainable practices, especially in the face of the climate crisis. I am optimistic that the Office of Science and the Department of Energy will uphold their commitment to inclusivity and diversity in scientific advancements, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds to contribute to scientific progress. Serving as Director of Science has been an incredible experience over these past few years.

By Samantha Jones

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