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Washtenaw County Conducts Community Health Assessment to Address COVID-19 Impacts

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Top Priorities Identified in Washtenaw County’s Community Health Assessment

Washtenaw County recently completed its first Community Health Assessment following the COVID-19 pandemic. The assessment aimed to collect data on community health needs, which will guide the county and its health partners in addressing pressing health issues.

According to Dayna Brimley, a Community Health Analyst at the Washtenaw County Health Department, the assessment highlighted three main health priorities for the community: mental health, access to healthcare, and access to healthy food.

Moving forward, the department plans to collaborate with community members to develop actionable steps to address these top priorities. Brimley emphasized the importance of involving the community in this process, stating that they do not want to make decisions in isolation. By working closely with community input, they hope to create solutions that are truly reflective of the needs of Washtenaw County.

The next steps for the department involve working on identifying specific action items and goals through partnerships with county groups and community members until the end of 2027. By engaging with a variety of stakeholders, they hope to create a comprehensive plan that addresses the pressing health issues identified in the assessment.

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By Samantha Jones

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