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Uniting for Women’s Empowerment: A Look at International Women Leaders Discussing Critical Issues in Jacksonville

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Business News in Jacksonville This Week

During Women’s History Month, a group of women Asian leaders gathered in Jacksonville to discuss important issues. The Beaches Rotary Clubs hosted the delegation, who had the opportunity to meet with women elected officials such as Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan and others. Two members of the Armenian Delegation, Karine Davtyan and Anahit Badalyan, joined Kent Justice on This Week in Jacksonville: Business Edition to discuss their work in empowering women.

Both women expressed their admiration for meeting with mayors and learning from their experiences and commitments to their work. They found it inspiring to see how women can support each other and work together for positive change. Davtyan noted that she wanted to learn from the American experience and bring new ideas back to her community.

Davtyan shared her motivation for creating the Berd Women’s Resource Center Foundation, which focuses on addressing women’s economic, healthcare, and mental health issues. Badalyan emphasized the importance of empowering women through addressing issues like gender-based violence and women’s leadership and political participation.

Overall, the delegation’s visit to Jacksonville during Women’s History Month highlighted the importance of empowering women and supporting their leadership roles. The exchange of ideas and experiences between different cultures and communities can lead to positive change and inspiration for women around the world.

By Samantha Jones

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