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Taking Control of Women’s Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Health Checks and Screenings at Every Age

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
5 essential health tests for women at every stage of life

Every month is an opportunity for women to take charge of their health, and March is Women’s Health Month. One of the best ways to maintain long-term health is through prevention. We spoke with physicians from Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucia to gather a comprehensive list of health checks for women at every age and stage of life.

Dr. Christopher Chang, a renowned physician in allergy and immunology at Joe DiMaggio Hospital in Pembroke Pines, emphasized the importance of looking beyond the checklist. If you are experiencing symptoms of recurrent infections such as pneumonia or unusual infections, further testing or referrals to a specialist may be necessary.

According to Dr. Chang, women aged 18-39 should undergo cervical cancer screening, PAP and HPV testing, screening for gonorrhea and chlamydia, contraception counseling, and receive recommended immunizations. It is also important for them to pay attention to their mental health by scheduling regular therapy sessions or seeking support groups if needed.

For women aged 40-65, important tests include breast cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, glaucoma screening, melanoma screening, lung cancer screening, and osteoporosis screening. It is also essential that they have regular dental checkups and screenings for diabetic retinopathy if they have diabetes.

Women over 65 should consider a fall risk assessment and fall prevention plan as well as hearing screenings and osteoporosis screenings. They should also have memory loss evaluations regularly to ensure that they are not suffering from cognitive decline or dementia. Additionally, it is crucial that they have assessments for elder abuse/neglect if they are living independently or with family members who may be taking advantage of them.

In conclusion, regular health checks and screenings are essential for maintaining good health at every stage of a woman’s life. Women should pay attention to their specific needs based on their age group but also look beyond the checklist when experiencing symptoms or concerns about their health.

By Samantha Jones

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