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Storm Nelson’s Chill: Four Dead, Waves up to 7 Meters High as Storm Hits Europe

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Spain under weather alert, storm claims four lives

On Thursday, Storm Nelson continued its course towards Britain, bringing snow showers. The storm had already caused fatalities in northern Spain, with four people reported dead by the news agency AFP. In southern Catalonia, Tarragona, two more people drowned in the sea. A minor Moroccan boy was in trouble in the water, and a German man tried to save him but tragically both drowned.

The Spanish Meteorological Institute issued weather warnings for the Spanish coast and the Canary Islands due to dangerous waves and strong winds. Waves were expected to reach heights of up to 6-7 meters, and people were advised to avoid rocky cliffs. In England, the waves from Storm Nelson were high at the tourist destination Brighton Pier. As Storm Nelson moved towards Britain, snow was reported in northern parts of England and Wales.

In Spain, the wind was strong enough to blow a tourist’s umbrella upside down in the city of Ronda. The storm also affected the south and west of France with strong winds and high waves. As Storm Nelson continued its journey towards Britain, chaos was expected in Easter traffic due to its impact on transportation networks across Europe.

By Samantha Jones

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