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Startup Boom: Israeli Companies See 10% Increase in Funding and a Surge in Capital Rounds

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Investment in Israeli high-tech surged in the first quarter of 2024

Israeli startup companies experienced a 10% increase in funding to $1.6 billion during the first quarter of 2024. This is a significant improvement from the previous quarter and marks the first increase in capital rounds since 2022, following a decrease in funding amounts. Despite fluctuations in funding, there was a noticeable increase in the number of capital rounds completed, indicating a strong start for the year in terms of investment and growth.

The cybersecurity sector led the way with more than 40% of all funds raised. Six companies were able to raise over $100 million each during this period, demonstrating the growing potential of Israeli startups. Additionally, seed and first rounds of capital raising increased by an impressive 48% compared to the same time last year.

Overall, these figures indicate that Israeli startup companies are experiencing a positive trend in terms of capital raising during the first quarter of 2024. With continued investment and growth potential on display, it’s likely that this trend will continue throughout the year.

By Samantha Jones

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