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RFI: Russian Disinformation Campaign Goes Viral with Fake Tuberculosis Epidemic Report

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Spreading the threat of a serious epidemic using a French news agency’s identity

On Wednesday, RFI became the victim of a Russian disinformation campaign when a false report claiming that France was facing a tuberculosis epidemic due to the admission of Ukrainian soldiers to its hospitals was posted online. The video, which falsely claimed to be produced by RFI’s editorial team, circulated on social media and Russian Telegram accounts.

The video, which first appeared on “Russia News,” was later confirmed to be a fraudulent production not affiliated with RFI. The dissemination pattern of the false narrative, coupled with an anti-Ukrainian narrative and the impersonation of a legitimate media outlet, points to the source of this information attack. This is not an isolated incident; similar tactics have been used in the past to target French and international media outlets.

The spread of misinformation is a tactic often employed by disinformation networks to sow division, deepen societal chaos, and undermine public trust in institutions. The case of the false claims about Kate Middleton serves as an example of how such campaigns can manipulate public opinion for various motives. To combat this threat, it is essential to engage in critical thinking and fact-checking efforts.

By Samantha Jones

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