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Protecting Health Care Infrastructure: Strategies to Combat Ransomware Attacks and Minimize Disruptions

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
Washington Considers Implementing New Rules in Response to Change Healthcare Incident

In the aftermath of a ransomware attack on Change Healthcare that halted payments to pharmacies and hospitals, policymakers and lobbyists have been working tirelessly to develop strategies to prevent future attacks. These efforts include tying federal aid to cybersecurity requirements and creating new voluntary standards through public-private partnerships.

The incident highlighted how vulnerable health care providers and insurers are to disruptions caused by cyber attacks on critical technology infrastructure. As a result, federal regulators have faced criticism for not being adequately prepared and not acting quickly enough. Some lawmakers are calling for mandatory cybersecurity standards in the health care industry, including regular audits.

In response to the incident, Washington is taking action to address the technology underpinning health care. The goal is to ensure that critical technology infrastructure is protected from future attacks and that disruptions are minimized. The strategies being developed will help health care providers and insurers better prepare for potential threats and mitigate their impact if they occur.

By Samantha Jones

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