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Neighborhood Black-owned firms participate in weekend retail sensible knowledge


Mar 18, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — All-Star weekend in Utah brought exposure to so quite a few excellent things about the Beehive State. A lot of Black-owned firms saw a welcomed economic improve.

Now, the Utah Black Chamber of Commerce desires to retain that alive and allow Black-owned firms thrive. So they hope a new weekend retail sensible knowledge will allow with that.

Lavarro Greer is a busy man.

“Heavens most productive flavored butters hand-packed by angels of course!” described Greer, owner of Heavens Greatest Flavored Butters.

When he’s not functioning as a radiologist, Greer serves up “Heaven’s Greatest Flavored Butter.”

“I recall receiving a youngster and acquiring garlic bread. Effectively, we didn’t go to the grocer’s to invest in garlic bread we developed our private. We just mixed fresh garlic, we mixed with butter, we whipped it, and we spot it on a great bread,” he described.

He’s been satisfying taste buds in the Beehive State for a couple of years now, and his corporation has been progressively expanding, but things took off for the duration of All-Star weekend.

“I took away the sensible knowledge that Heaven’s Greatest Flavored Butter is creating a mark, not just on Utah, but on the planet,” Greer described. “We had every person ideal right here — just about each and every nationality, just about each and every creed, just about each and every race, just about each and every gender landed in Salt Lake City for a brief moment in time.”

Greer’s modest company wasn’t the only Black-owned modest company that saw a spike in earnings for the duration of All-Star weekend, and that is why Dr. Sidni Shorter, CEO of the Utah Chamber of Black Commerce, is pairing with Zions Bank to launch a Black modest company retail sensible knowledge named “Utah, Black and Open for Enterprise.”

“It did make earnings, but I also assume it defeated a myth that Black people and Black firms do not exist in Utah,” Shorter described. “We are ideal right here, we are vibrant, we are properly, and we are genuinely expanding. Now that we have the momentum, why not ride the wave?”

So now, they’re riding that wave, but also calling on Utahns to come shop at their pop-up showcasing dozens of Black-owned firms in downtown Salt Lake.

“I would hope that people will commence to accept that truth that Black firms do exist ideal right here, that they are inventive, they are lucrative, and that they can come down and share that sensible knowledge with us,” Greer described. “We delight in Utah. We delight in Salt Lake City. We’re a melting pot, and so to be incorporated as an African American entrepreneur is a single of the most astounding experiences provided that I moved ideal right here.”

The occasion is just about each and every Friday and Saturday from ten a.m. to six p.m. till April eight. It calls for place in the old Zions Bank building…

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