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Microsoft Announces Copilot Updates to Enhance Collaboration in Teams Platform

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Copilot Enhances Microsoft Teams with Video Call Summaries and Expanded Features

Microsoft has announced several updates to Copilot for Teams that aim to enhance collaboration during meetings, calls, and chat messaging. These improvements will be rolled out in phases, with enhancements to meetings scheduled for May, chat messaging for April, and call features for June.

Users of Copilot have reported time savings of eleven minutes and improved work performance after eleven weeks of use, according to a recent survey conducted by Microsoft. With these updates, users can extract meeting information, adapt message styles, and receive call summaries using Copilot within the Teams platform.

In addition to the improvements in Copilot, Microsoft has also introduced Intelliframe on Teams Rooms meeting room devices. This feature provides equal visibility to all meeting participants, regardless of whether they are in the room or connecting remotely. It also enhances speech recognition capabilities for more accurate transcription and information extraction with Copilot.

Furthermore, Microsoft has integrated Windows Autopilot into Teams Rooms to streamline the deployment of meeting room devices by IT teams. The company has also expanded the BYOD ecosystem with features such as shared viewing mode, smart speaker support, and BYOD IT Management for administrators.

Lastly, Microsoft has announced upcoming enhancements to the Teams Phone calling solution that will enable users to transfer, forward

By Samantha Jones

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