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Local Business Owners Determined to Revive Northgate Mall in Lafayette

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Local business owners on the north side optimistic for a resurgence in business

The Northgate Mall in Lafayette is on the brink of a resurgence, thanks to the optimism and determination of its business owners. Christopher Rubin, a licensed cosmetologist who has been at the mall for years, fondly recalls when it was the place to be for the north side community. Despite the challenges that have come its way over time, Rubin believes that the mall still has major potential for growth and success.

This sentiment is shared by Cristal Henry of Glam House, who recently opened her shop at the mall in hopes of drawing more local shoppers and businesses to the north side. Ebony Roberts, who left her teaching job six years ago to open a skincare business at the mall, emphasizes that there are still many thriving businesses at Northgate. With 35 shops mostly owned by local entrepreneurs, there is a strong sense of community and pride in preserving the legacy of the area.

For residents and business owners alike, there is a shared goal of reviving Northgate Mall and attracting more businesses to Lafayette’s north side. With resources and potential within reach, there is hope that this once vibrant shopping center can once again become a hub for local businesses and shoppers. The dedication and determination of those involved showcase their belief in the possibilities for growth and success on Lafayette’s north side.

By Samantha Jones

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