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Laukkanen’s Worry: How Small Businesses are Impacted by Large-scale Strikes Amid Economic Downturns”.

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Small business owner Sakari Laukkanen forced to take time off during strikes: “It’s important for everyone to join in”

The ongoing strikes have caused significant disruptions in various industries, including the advertising factory owned by Sakari Laukkanen. As a result, Laukkanen, who runs Teippar in Kemi, has had to issue layoff warnings to his entire staff, with layoffs expected next week. The strikes, initially planned for two weeks, have now been extended to at least four weeks.

Due to the strikes, Teippar has experienced canceled orders and delays in material deliveries. The lack of orders and delays have reminded Laukkanen of the challenges faced during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Construction delays have also added to the challenges faced by Teippar due to strike-related disruptions.

Laukkanen hopes for an end to the strikes and calls for all stakeholders, including employees, pensioners, unemployed individuals, and employers, to participate in discussions on finding solutions that benefit everyone. He emphasizes the need for concrete suggestions from the employee side on how to handle the situation. Despite his concerns about a power struggle between workers and employers, Laukkanen stresses the importance of industrial peace. He hopes that an agreement will be reached soon before further layoffs occur.

Overall, Laukkanen’s experience with Teippar highlights how even small businesses can be affected by large-scale strikes. He urges all parties involved to come together and find a mutually beneficial solution before it’s too late.

As tensions rise between workers and employers over pay cuts and job losses due to economic downturns caused by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions across Europe

By Samantha Jones

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