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ISIS’s ‘Month of Jihad’: Navigating the Process of Green Card Marriage Interviews with Valuable Resources and Personal Experiences

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
Once again, Russia accuses Ukraine for the attack as ISIS claims responsibility.

In recent times, ISIS has carried out a series of attacks that have garnered attention. One such attack was the double suicide bombing in Kerman, Iran, which resulted in over 80 deaths during the commemoration of Qassem Soleimani. The organization’s fighters have been praised for their actions in different regions, particularly for their attacks against Christians, Americans, and Chinese in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

The ISIS spokesman has declared Ramadan as the “month of jihad” and urged followers to target “crusaders” in the US, Europe, and Israel. Additionally, operatives in currently inactive areas like Yemen, the Sinai Peninsula, Libya, the Caucasus, and Tunisia were advised to be patient and not rush into carrying out attacks.

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Overall it is important to stay informed about current events while also taking advantage of resources available online to help us navigate through various processes with ease.

By Samantha Jones

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