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Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Continues to Advance Nuclear Technology Despite Sanctions: Interview with Deputy Head Ali Noroozi

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
Official Announcement: Iran Holds Isotope Separation Technology Alongside Limited Nations

In a recent interview with Fars News Agency, Ali Noroozi discussed the achievements of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) during the past Iranian year, which ended on March 20th. The Deputy Head of AEOI highlighted the Department of Advanced Technologies’ introduction of two new products in the past year.

The first product is related to the separation of tellurium isotopes, while the second is the manufacture of spectrophotometer equipment used in nuclear fusion. Noroozi emphasized that by producing this device domestically, Iran has become one of the few countries in the world with this technology.

Noroozi also mentioned that Iran plans to expand its peaceful nuclear programs in the upcoming Persian New Year. He stated that achieving a prominent status in nuclear fusion was one of their goals for the coming years. Furthermore, he revealed that Iran plans to unveil its stable isotope separation chain of iridium in New Year, which is a significant step forward in radiography and diagnostic capabilities. These advancements in nuclear technology demonstrate Iran’s commitment to progress despite external challenges caused by US-led Western sanctions.

In summary, AEOI has made remarkable achievements over the past year by introducing two new products related to nuclear fusion and radiography. The organization plans to expand its peaceful nuclear programs and achieve a prominent status in nuclear fusion while continuing to advance its technological capabilities despite external challenges caused by sanctions.

By Samantha Jones

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