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Ford’s Valencian Plant Receives New Directions: A Step Towards Stability and Growth

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Ford Almussafes waits for electric vehicles with reduced workforce and production of Kuga

Ford’s Valencian plant in Almussafes is finally experiencing some positive developments after years of uncertainty. The decision to award the factory with the production of a new “multi-energy passenger vehicle” is a relief for the workforce, providing a clear direction for the future. This confirmation came after a high-level meeting in Dunton, England, where the immediate future of Ford Almussafes was discussed.

Despite securing electric models over a German factory in 2022, the lack of clear timelines, investments, and production volumes for Almussafes has been criticized by unions. However, the workforce remains hopeful that the new direction will lead to a stable future for the plant and its employees.

The workforce in Almussafes was anxious about securing new workloads as the plant was about to stop manufacturing the Kuga model, which had been a flagship product. With the discontinuation of several other models in recent years, the workforce was facing challenges, including a significant reduction in staff due to previous employment regulation files (EREs). The assignment of the new model is seen as a way to maintain sufficient workload and potentially avoid further staffing adjustments.

The pandemic has also impacted Ford Almussafes, leading to a series of temporary employment regulation files (ERTEs) as the factory struggled with production stoppages, supply chain issues, and market changes. The company’s decision to focus on electric vehicles has brought new hope, although there are still uncertainties about the specific models that will be manufactured in Almussafes.

In conclusion, Ford’s recent developments at its Valencian plant represent an important step towards stability and growth for both the plant and its employees. Securing a new model provides clarity and direction for

By Samantha Jones

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