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Easter 2023: Despite Fluctuating Weather, Spain Sees Abundant Traffic and a Slight Increase in Fuel Prices

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Operation’s second phase starting at Easter begins with annual highs in fuel prices

Despite the fluctuating weather, there was abundant traffic on Spanish roads during Easter. This holiday period, estimated to involve at least 16.5 million trips, saw a slight increase in gasoline and diesel prices. Gasoline prices have increased for 10 consecutive weeks and are close to last Easter’s levels, while diesel prices are slightly lower than last year. At the beginning of the second phase of Operation Exit, a liter of 95 gasoline costs 1.63 euros, up 1.24% from the previous week, and a liter of diesel costs 1.5 euros, up 0.52%. Gasoline prices have risen 2.32% in the last month, while diesel has become 1.35% cheaper.

Drivers filling their tanks before their trips will pay around 88.88 euros for gasoline and 84.26 euros for diesel. Fuel prices can vary depending on the service station, with some stations charging between 1.35 and 1.95 euros for gasoline and between 1.16 and 1.99 euros for diesel. Despite the slight increase, both fuels are still far from the maximum prices reached in the summer of 2022. Spain has lower fuel prices compared to the euro zone average due to lower taxes and raw material costs.

The second phase of Operation Exit began with around 4% more traffic than in previous years, with around 9 million trips planned for this holiday period alone.

While many people travelled during Easter despite rising fuel prices, it’s worth noting that Spain has lower fuel prices compared to other European countries due to lower taxes and raw material costs.

The holiday season saw an increase in traffic on Spanish roads marking the beginning of a busy travel period in the country as people took advantage of their time off from work or school to explore different parts of Spain or neighboring countries.

Despite fluctuations in weather conditions throughout Easter weekend, there was still an abundance of travelers on Spanish roads during this important holiday season.

Overall, while fuel prices did see a slight increase during Easter weekend

By Samantha Jones

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