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Creating Economic Justice through Community and Cooperation: The Power of Solidarity

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
The Solidarity Economy Promoted by the American Friends Service Committee

The pursuit of economic justice often feels like a futile endeavor, with the constant struggle to overcome obstacles similar to the mythical tale of Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a hill, only for it to roll back down. Despite the challenges and setbacks, there is an alternative approach that can lead to lasting change: building positive alternatives.

One way to create a more just and sustainable economy is through the concept of a “solidarity economy.” This movement prioritizes people and the planet over unending profit and growth. Examples of solidarity economy practices include Indigenous survival and sustainability methods, cooperatives, community land trusts, credit unions, peer lending, mutual aid, community-led economic development, bartering, community-supported agriculture, and fair trade products. Informal ways in which families, friends, and neighbors come together to support each other are also part of this movement.

For example, in my rural community on a country road, neighbors band together to help each other out during tough times. When a tree falls across the road or bad weather hits us hard, we come together to check on each other and ensure everyone’s safety. We share surplus produce from our gardens or successful hunting trips among ourselves. These acts of mutual support and cooperation embody the principles of the solidarity economy and demonstrate how we can build a more just and sustainable economic system that prioritizes people over profits.

By Samantha Jones

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