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Condor Company Class Assessment, A330-900neo Toronto to Frankfurt


May 26, 2023

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Extra than a year ago, Condor turned heads with a huge-time fleet refresh like a bizarre new paint job that appears like a flying beach towel. But it really is what is on the inside that counts, ideal?

And what is inside Condor’s new Airbus A330-900neos flying from numerous of its North American gateways to Frankfurt (FRA) is spectacular – in particular at the front of the plane in Condor organization class. Condor’s outdated organization class seats that never totally recline into a bed are lengthy gone, replaced with state-of-the-art lie flat seats, ultra-sharp 4K seatback screens you can pair with your personal Bluetooth headphones, and a lot of privacy. Scrumptious meal service and particular touches (like Jågermeister onboard!) rounded out an great encounter.

Following flying from Toronto (YYZ) on the airline’s most up-to-date-and-greatest planes earlier this month, I can confidently say this new and significantly-enhanced Condor organization class puts numerous other airlines flying across the Atlantic to shame. And that is a important feat for an airline that is largely written off as a just a different price range carrier – if you have even heard of them at all.

Study on for the complete assessment.


Booking Condor Company Class

Condor is very best-identified for promoting low cost fares to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Luckily, there are some good methods to book Condor organization class, also – no matter if you happen to be on the hunt for a low cost organization class fare applying money or attempting to use miles.

Working with miles, you cannot beat Alaska Mileage Strategy for as low as 55,000 miles every single way. It is a strong solution with low charges, producing it a really important use of Alaska miles. But to do that, you will need to come across the award availability to basically place these miles to use.

We located some good organization class award availability lately and alerted our Thrifty Traveler Premium+ members to it in an e mail as quickly as we located it.

Condor business class deal 

But Condor rates out its tickets various than most important airlines flying across the Atlantic, producing money a compelling way to book Condor organization class. In contrast to other carriers that have outrageous 1-way fares to and from Europe compared to roundtrip pricing, they ordinarily expense half the roundtrip fare with Condor. That offers you some added flexibility to book a organization class ticket with Condor and come across a different way residence.

In this case, I located a 1-way flight from Toronto (YYZ) to Frankfurt for $1,062 – Condor is not flying its new A330-900neos from my residence airport of Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) just however. But I did not spend that in money.

Alternatively, I employed Membership Rewards points from The Company Platinum Card® from American Express to cover that expense. With that cards 35% rebate on all initially or organization class redemptions, it came out to roughly 69,000 Amex points.

Throw in a low cost positioning flight up to Toronto, and I was on my way to Frankfurt.

At Thrifty Traveler, we never accept freebies. We use our personal points, miles, or money to spend for each and every single flight or hotel you see reviewed right here – like this 1.


Boarding &amp Condor Company Class Cabin

Points did not get started out good on my Condor organization class flight, but the chaotic boarding method was the only true drawback of the whole encounter.

On most airlines, a organization class ticket gets you priority boarding just before other passengers. That … did not occur right here.

About an hour just before the scheduled departure time, gate agents started the boarding method by calling up these who will need additional time to board: Elderly passengers, these with disabilities, and households with compact kids, which proved to be a big group of about 50.

But just after that, there was no transition to separate groups. A gate agent merely announced overhead “all passengers, all groups,” major to a frenzy of passengers attempting to get onboard. It was far from an orderly method and absolutely could be annoying for some passengers who had been expecting a possibility to board early with a organization class or premium economy ticket.

Upon getting into the plane, I showed the flight attendant my ticket and received a warm welcome as she ushered me to turn left into the organization class cabin. Any aggravation with the disorganized boarding method washed away as quickly as I stepped inside Condor’s stunning new organization class cabin.

Condor Airlines Business Class Cabin 

Condor’s A330-900neo has a total of 30 organization class seats arranged in a 1-two-1 configuration. You will come across solo seats along either side of the plane and two seats in the center section, so each and every passenger has direct aisle access.

Anything felt fresh and new – and it was. The design and style was sharp with navy dominating the colour scheme, punctuated by vibrant white stripes accenting the seats. The cabin looked swanky. The seats and TVs appear extraordinary at initially glance.

Condor Airlines Business Class Cabin  

Condor is also touting their new “whisper cabin” which is supposed to be the quietest cabin in the globe. I’d have to agree: This was a really quiet ride.

From my point of view, there are no negative seats in Condor organization class. But some are certainly superior than other people.

Front to back, the seats are staggered: Some are positioned closer to the aisle though other people are additional away for additional privacy. If you happen to be flying solo, opt for seats along the windows in even-numbered rows, as these are additional away from the aisle though odd-numbered seats are closer.

Couples or travel companions need to snag the odd-numbered seat in the center, as these are significantly closer with each other. Even-numbered seats in the center section of the plane are positioned closer to the aisle and significantly additional exposed to fellow passengers.

But undoubtedly very best seats in the organization class cabin are referred to as the “Prime Seats” at the front of the cabin. Consider of them as Initial Class lite – you get significantly larger screens, a enormous ottoman to rest your feet, additional storage, and some additional amenities.

Condor Airlines Prime Seats Business Cabin 

You can pick these seats in the course of your booking method, but it really is a quite hefty added expense of about $350. I did not select to upgrade to Prime Seats but would like to encounter these someday.

There had been 3 lavatories onboard: 1 at the front of the cabin and two at the rear. That seemed to be the ideal quantity: I in no way had to wait to use 1. Every bathroom had a lot of headroom which I really feel is really hard to come by these days, even on some of the nicer aircraft.

The striped theme continued in the bathrooms on each of the side walls. There was absolutely nothing also spectacular about these bathrooms, although they remained clean for the whole flight.

Condor Airlines Bathroom 

Shortly just after departure, the cabin lights had been dimmed to a soothing orange and blue tint. The side and ceiling lighting illuminated the classy cabin as we had been on our way. It was quite effortless to see just how huge and clear all of the 4k TVs are as they brighten up every single seat.

Condor Airlines Business Class Cabin


Condor Company Class Seats

I’ve been fortunate sufficient to fly some wonderful organization class seats on leading-ranked airlines, from EVA Air to Singapore Airlines to the extraordinary Qatar Qsuites. Yes, it really is tough to reside up to the hype of Qsuites … but the seats on Condor’s new A330-900neo hold their personal.

I chose seat 6K, 1 of the seats along the windows close to the center of the cabin. It is positioned closer to the window and separated from the aisle by a storage console table for some added privacy.

Condor Airlines Business Class

Condor Airlines Business Class Seat 

1 of my initially takeaways from having acquainted with my seat was just … elegance. From the dark colour scheme with bold navy seats and trim to the nicely placed wood paneling to the abundance of space, it was a good space for the eight-hour flight to Germany.

Condor Airlines Business Class Seat 

Related to other airlines, Condor did a good job of getting all the amenities neatly organized to the side. I had tons of area to make myself comfy as I unloaded what I necessary from my bags for the flight.

Condor Airlines Business Class Seat 

The headrest was properly padded with adjustable flaps that could be positioned for additional help on each sides, and the leading of the seat had Condor’s fashionable padding secured more than it. Also, just off to the ideal was a compact reading light which could come in handy if you did not want to use the larger overhead light.

Condor Airlines Business Class Seat 

Getting a taller guy at six feet three inches, I was honestly shocked at the quantity of space I had in these seats. Not only did I have a ton of legroom, but also, width-smart, these organization class seats presented a massive quantity of space.

I felt like the armrests had been comfy and at the excellent height, and the side table was bigger than other organization seats and was positioned in just the ideal spot. The floor was also slightly angled just beneath my feet, which produced it even additional comfy – this was a compact addition that some folks may possibly not notice, but I believe goes a lengthy way to add additional comfort.

Condor Airlines Business Class Seat 

The additional privacy of these even-numbered window seats went a lengthy way, some significantly-necessary distance from fellow passengers and crew.

Condor Airlines Business Class Seat 

On the side table, they currently had a bag of mixed nuts and came by with a glass of champagne that I ordered though I was greeted onboard. Above that, there is an elevated section with a wise rail to retailer some additional products, like a water bottle and amenity kit. Under that, there is a properly-placed charging station totally equipped with USB-C and regular USB sockets and an international energy outlet. There was also a port for headphones, if necessary.

Condor Airlines Business Class Seat 

To the ideal of the energy station was a retractable remote that has numerous various capabilities on it like Television volume adjustment, calling the flight attendant, overhead light switch, and also additional Television controls. A touchpad was also situated on this remote but I located it to be a small trickier to navigate the Television selections than basically applying the touchscreen monitor. But the remote was valuable when my seat was reclined or lying down and could not conveniently touch the screen.

Condor Airlines Business Class Seat Remote 

Just beneath the reduced table and armrest had been the controls for the seat. There had been a couple of various buttons that had been effortless to use but I definitely only necessary to use the lie-flat mode and upright mode, each on the far ideal. The seat speedily moved up and down and there had been no concerns with the manage functionality.

Condor Airlines Business Class Seat Controls 

I also liked the position and functionality of the dining table. Some airlines have this table buried into an armrest and can look a small difficult to open and close, but Condor placed these straight beneath the Television with a big button to release the unit. There are also slide rails that operate definitely conveniently to pull the table into the excellent position.

Condor Airlines Business Class Food Table 

In all probability the highlight of the organization class seats is the 17.three-inch 4K Television. This was conveniently the very best entertainment screen that I’ve noticed in my experiences flying organization class. These could be operated by just touching the screen or applying the remote situated on the side table. It was quite effortless to keep entertained with these stunning TVs.

Condor Airlines Business Class TV 

When I was completed with dinner, I decided to place my seat in lie-flat mode. I definitely enjoyed stretching out and relaxing with the seat positioned at a 180-degree angle. My feet just touched the finish wall but it wasn’t a huge burden and it felt comfy nevertheless. It was quite effortless to loosen up and nevertheless see the Television with the seat fully down.

Condor Business Class Lie-Flat Seat 

The seat was ideal in the Goldilocks zone: not also firm, not also soft – it suited me just ideal. I was capable to get a couple of hours of sleep on this flight.

Condor Airlines Lie Flat Seat



If there is 1 shortcoming of Condor organization class, it really is with amenities.

The amenity kits fell far quick of what you get from numerous other airlines in organization class.. It consisted of a compact box containing an eye mask, a pair of low cost socks, and a toothbrush and toothpaste. There was also a compact bag they labeled as a “travel organiser” colored in Condor’s navy and white striped theme.

Condor Airlines Amenity Kit 

There was also a stick of lip balm and a note which stated the Condor is performing their very best to preserve the atmosphere clean. The note also relayed that earplugs are out there only upon request.

Condor Airlines Amenity Kit 

A pair of slippers was also integrated amongst the amenities which had been – surprise surprise – striped. I attempted these on for a bit and they had been a small compact but good to put on for a though if you want to kick your footwear off.

The blanket and pillow, meanwhile, had been good and soft. The pillow was just the ideal size and had a lot of help to preserve me comfy.

Condor Airlines Slippers Business Class 

For these passengers who never bring their personal headphones, Condor supplied a decent pair of more than-ear styled noise-canceling headphones. These had been placed in a plastic bag and hung on a hook more than the side table.

Condor Airlines Business Class Headphones 

I did not finish up attempting these out for the reason that I brought my personal pair of Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones and was excited to use the Bluetooth function on Condor’s entertainment technique to get connected, which I will get additional into later.

Condor Airlines Business Class Headphones 

General, I felt like Condor did a decent job offering just sufficient amenities that a passenger could possibly will need on this transatlantic flight. But there was absolutely nothing surprising right here, either.


Dining &amp Service in Condor Company Class

I will get started this off with a confession: I am a picky eater. I like easy meals and huge servings. I lucked out with Condor’s meals service.

This was 1 of my favored dining experiences that I can try to remember flying organization class. I was satisfied to see the selections when I initially grabbed the dining menu.

Condor Airlines Business Class Dining Menu 

Initial points initially, I was in will need of a beverage(s). The initially web page of the dining menu showcased the champagne they had on board: Jacquart Mosaique, and it did not disappoint. There is absolutely nothing superior than relaxing with a cold glass of champagne up in the sky.

Condor Airlines Business Class Champagne 

Of course, there had been additional beverage products to select from if champagne does not interest you. They had a strong list of other drink selections. I was shocked and tempted by the presence of Jägermeister onboard, also. But I decided against it to make positive this assessment turned out OK….

Condor Airlines Drink Menu 

Though some airlines will give you an solution to mix-and-match from numerous various alternatives for every single course, Condor presents a basically meals menu: You have got just 3 selections for entrees, and that is it. Everything looked great but I settled with the Chinese braised beef shortribs, which seemed significantly additional appetizing than the cod or lasagna. I believe I produced a strong decision.

Condor Airlines Business Class Food Menu 

To get started, the flight attendants speedily brought out the initially plate of starters which basically had significantly additional meals than the major course. I was a small shocked (and satisfied) to see this significantly meals at when that did not contain the major meal.

Condor Airlines Business Class Food 

This was 1 of the initially flights that I can definitely try to remember actually enjoying all the things I ate – and finishing it all.

The salad was just the ideal size ready with fresh greens and cherry tomatoes, along with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Subsequent, I devoured the turmeric chicken, which was served cold but nevertheless had good flavor and was tender. And the tuna was scrumptious, with just the ideal quantity of seasoning on it. And a quintessentially German pretzel, which was warm and soft with wonderful flavor.

I completed up this plate by attempting out the selection of cheeses. All had been really great but the sharp cheddar was my favored.

Suitable as I completed this plate, the flight attendant cleared it and dropped off the major course. And the Chinese braised beef shortribs had been a hit. The sauce was a good complement, though the yams, asparagus, and squash was just OK.

Condor Airlines Business Class Food 

To finish up the initially meal service, the service concluded with dessert. The lavender creme bar was a tasty finish to an currently really impressive meal. I completed this up speedily along with the strawberry on the side.

Condor Airlines Business Class Food 

Close to two hours just before arrival in Frankfurt, the flight attendants started their breakfast service. As is the case on most airlines flying to and from Europe, it was a quite easy service: A plate that consisted of ham and cheese on a croissant, a fruit bowl, and a pastry with berries. I also got orange juice, water, and a coffee with this meal.

I definitely wasn’t that hungry given that dinner was just a couple of hours earlier, but the breakfast meal was good. It was good to get some additional power just before arrival.

Condor Airlines Business Class Food


This may be the highlight of Condor organization class.

Brand-new 4K monitors are not prevalent even on 5-star, leading-ranked airlines, but Condor has got them. And these 17.three touch screens had been really, really impressive: not just in size but in the crisp good quality of the show.

It is clear Condor recognized the significance of this element of the passenger’s encounter, and they will have to have place a lot of revenue and work into producing this a leading priority.

Condor Airlines TV screen 

You could get started by picking the encounter you wanted on the initially screen, no matter if you happen to be an adult or a kid. There had been also touch capabilities with easy commands on the leading field. The following screen was the major menu exactly where you could select from a wide selection of motion pictures, do some purchasing, listen to music, connect to the Wi-Fi, or just adhere to along the reside inflight map.

Condor Airlines Business Class TV 

I definitely liked how all the selections had been clearly organized and you could conveniently filter and toggle precisely what you happen to be hunting for. You could also add various selections to your “favorites” category for later on.

Condor Airlines Business Class TV 

Most impressive of all: The potential to connect your personal headphones to Condor’s entertainment technique through Bluetooth is a massive bonus. This is one thing that just a handful of airlines have begun to roll out as they’ve refreshed their fleets or brought new planes onboard. The reality that Condor is 1 of them is a really welcome surprise.

It was so effortless to click a couple of buttons and have my Bose headphones paired with the Television.

Condor Airlines Business Class TV 

If you necessary to get some perform accomplished or just cannot be offline for also lengthy, there was Wi-Fi out there for buy. But the rates weren’t great…

The lowest package was referred to as “Basic” and covered two hours for the cost of $12 and the highest package referred to as “Premium” expense $20 and covered you for 4 hours at a larger speed. There was no solution to get Wi-Fi for the whole flight at a lowered price. With an overnight flight, I skipped Wi-Fi altogether.

Condor Airlines Business Class Wifi 

A good addition that Condor also presented on their entertainment technique was the “Do Not Disturb” mode which could conveniently be enabled by means of your monitor. I did not use it, but it really is a good solution for these passengers who definitely will need to rest for the whole flight. The flight attendants will not wake you when the meal service begins if this setting is on.

Condor Airlines Business Class TV


Bottom Line

A year ago, Condor was barely on my radar … and I know I am not alone. Flying its outdated organization class to Frankfurt would not have even crossed my thoughts.

Now, Condor organization class is close to the leading of my list. In reality, it could conveniently be 1 of the very best methods to cross the Atlantic in lie-flat organization class seats, in particular for the cost.

From the friendly and prompt service to some of my favored meals to the unparalleled in-flight entertainment with a fashionable and comfy seat, this is an airline that need to be on everyone’s thoughts when hunting for an extraordinary flight to Europe in organization class.


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