• Wed. May 31st, 2023

Yaskawa requires center stage at Africa Automation Technologies Fair


May 25, 2023

As one particular of the biggest companies of industrial robots, Yaskawa Southern Africa took aspect in this year’s Africa Automation Technologies Fair (AATF), exactly where a variety of authorities in the manufacturing business gathered to exchange precious business experience to enhance investment prospects in the African continent’s manufacturing sector. The occasion, which celebrated its 25th year, centred about the theme of “For Africa from Africa”.

The AATF promotes and is passionate about furthering Africa’s transformation and advertising the improvement and development of the continent’s automation business.

Yaskawa Southern Africa was one particular of 150 exhibitors on show at the occasion, which took location from 9th to 11th Could 2023, and showcased its collaborative robotic welding remedy, Weld4me. This transformative piece of automated gear presents an option or help to manual MIG/MAG welding with air-cooled welding gear.

When asked about the worth and significance of such events like the AATF, John Mostert, Sales Engineer at Yaskawa Southern Africa, mentioned, “They bring the manufacturing business and automation business with each other.

Automation providers are capable to superior realize the market’s requirements and companies are capable to see the newest trends in automation offerings.” And one particular of the most prominent requirements is the adoption of collaborative systems that are capable to function alongside humans, aptly referred to as collaborative robots or cobots.

Even though such systems are generating strides globally, Mostert notes that the adoption of cobots in Africa has taken a bit much more time to get off the ground, noting that the continent nonetheless experiences one of a kind challenges.

Events such as AATF present possibilities for organisations primarily based out of Africa to take complete benefit of creating partnerships and expertise sharing in an work to additional the business.

“Yaskawa’s approach is to companion with integrators and authorities in their field,” Mostert explains.

As a outcome, this year Yaskawa is partnering with Fronius, a top welding specialist in order to provide revolutionary options and stay a standout contender in a extremely competitive marketplace.

Since of this, staying up-to-date on the newest trends inside the sector is excessively essential and an additional essential aspect of the aforementioned approach, all the though produced less complicated due to the truth that Yaskawa Southern Africa serves as a faction of a worldwide organisation.

Even so, the organisation strongly believes in the progression of the manufacturing business and Mostert is optimistic about Yaskawa’s part inside this: “We are properly positioned to help providers to minimize the price of manufacture though rising the high-quality of their solution generating it achievable to compete internationally.”

Mostert says he is enthusiastic about the new technologies as they break into the marketplace, emphasising the “use of cameras, vision with robotics is now crucial in numerous applications, the technologies has matured and will continue to see improvement.”

All round, Yaskawa says this year’s Africa Automation Technologies Fair was a “success for Yaskawa and the wider manufacturing sector”.