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Wilson Warns of ‘Low Improvement, Low Wage’ UK Economy


Mar 15, 2023

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Wilson Warns of ‘Low Improvement, Low Wage’ UK Economy

“I was approached about receiving the CFO of Apple years ago—and I turned it down,” admits outgoing Legal &amp Typical Chief Executive Officer Nigel Wilson on this week’s episode of In the City. “My mates and the headhunters agreed it was the incorrect problem to do.” 

Does it hurt when he buys a new iPhone? Fairly the contrary, Wilson tells hosts Francine Lacqua and David Merritt. Rather, he says it reminds him that the episode was a discovering out knowledge.  

“What I learned was do your private evaluation,” says Wilson, who joined L&ampG—the UK’s largest investor—in 2009 as its chief monetary officer. He became CEO three years later. “When I joined L&ampG, I’d performed tons of evaluation and saw this massive potential,” he says. “I produced my private thoughts up, rather than listen to persons who were supposedly experts but hadn’t performed a deep dive.”


Wilson also reflects on the present state of the UK, which he calls a “low improvement, low wage” economy. Added time really should truly be spent on developing talent, he says, adding that the British education strategy really should truly location a lot much more emphasis on advertising organization to university graduates.

As for what’s subsequent, Wilson described he will not be taking a job in government, purchasing for a football club or moving into a new function at a FTSE a single hundred enterprise. Rather he’ll most most likely return to what he calls “unfinished organization from earlier in his life,” including a return to academia—and a lot much more time at sport

Mar 15, 2023

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