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Volvo Sets New Record with Largest Dividend Ever in Swedish Stock Market

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
This Company Breaks Sweden’s Dividend Record

Swedish truck manufacturer Volvo has set a new record as its general meeting approved the largest dividend ever in the history of the Swedish stock market. Today, industry reports that Volvo’s general meeting approved a dividend of SEK 7.5 per share along with an additional dividend of SEK 10.5 per share, resulting in a total distribution of 36.6 billion kroner or about 3.2 billion euros to its shareholders. The dividend payment is scheduled for April 5th.

In the previous year, Volvo reported earnings per share of 24.5 crowns and as of recently, Volvo’s closing share price stood at SEK 317.95. This remarkable decision by Volvo’s general meeting marks a significant increase from the previous dividend record set in 2021 when the company distributed 30.5 billion kroner to its shareholders, also accomplished by Volvo.

This payout is expected to have a positive impact on Volvo’s financial stability and provide a boost to its investors’ portfolios. It is worth noting that this record-breaking dividend payment comes after several successful years for the company, including strong sales figures and increased revenue streams from its expansion into new markets such as China and India.

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By Samantha Jones

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