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Violent Clash Occurs on Pelješac: “A Tragic Mistake in the League!


Nov 20, 2023

The match between Rata from Kuna and Grk from Potomje in the Second County League of Dubrovnik-Neretva on Sunday ended with a 2-1 victory for Rata, but it was marred by a mass brawl at the end of the first half. A video posted by HNK Grk on Facebook showed an attack by the visiting team, resulting in chaos on the field.

The incident led to a red card for the local striker, Dario Totić, and a second yellow card for a player from Grk. The visiting club accused the officials of bias and unfair treatment, while the home team celebrated their hard-fought victory.

However, the altercation was captured in a Facebook post by HNK Grk, where they accused the officials of unfair decisions and criticized the behavior of the home team’s security commissioner. The home team responded with a message of sportsmanship and maturity, urging everyone to be gracious in both victory and defeat. They emphasized the importance of respecting the opposition and maintaining a spirit of fair play in sports and in life.

In fact, both teams shared their perspectives on the incident on social media, highlighting the need for maturity and fair play in competitive sports. Despite their differences, they came together to promote respect for each other and for those who officiate these games.

Rata came out as winners of this match but it served as a reminder that sportsmanship is crucial in any competition or sport. Athletes should always remember to respect their opponents, maintain fair play rules and prioritize sportsmanship above all else.

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