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Venezuela’s Political Landscape in Flux: Edmundo González Urrutia Rejects Maduro’s Election Agreement

BySamantha Jones

Jun 11, 2024
Opponent refuses to sign Maduro’s document regarding elections

In an unexpected turn of events, Edmundo González Urrutia, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD), has rejected Nicolás Maduro’s proposal to sign a document recognizing the results of the upcoming presidential election in Venezuela. The document was set to be signed on Tuesday and would have both parties agreeing to recognize the election results.

In his program “Con Maduro+”, Maduro expressed his willingness to sign an agreement before the National Electoral Council (CNE), which is controlled by Chavismo. However, González Urrutia stated that there was no reason to sign such an agreement, as the government had a history of violating electoral agreements. The opposition remains skeptical, citing examples such as the Barbados Agreement, which promised international observers but excluded the European Union from sending a team.

Maduro has promised to engage in a “great national dialogue” after the elections, seeking to retain power through electoral means. Despite his claims to believe in Venezuelan democracy and the electoral system, tensions remain high as political disqualifications were later reinforced by the Venezuelan Supreme Court, also controlled by Chavismo.

The Venezuelan political landscape remains uncertain as the country approaches the presidential election on July 28th.

By Samantha Jones

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