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UTSA alumnus Joaquin Guzman named an All-American Official by sports association | UTSA Nowadays | UTSA


May 26, 2023

To be chosen to officiate at the NIRSA National Basketball Championships, officials should get a bid primarily based on their overall performance at one particular of the NIRSA Regional Basketball Championships occurring all through the nation. Regardless of whether regional or national, every tournament has an officials committee comprised of specialists in the field from several universities. Each student official is evaluated at every game, and the committee offers feedback to support students boost their future overall performance.

Guzman received a bid at the NIRSA Regional Basketball Championships held at the University of Missouri in February 2023. He completed as the leading official in the tournament and was chosen for nationals from about the United States along with two other UTSA student officials, Jared “E” Morris and Matthew Baham.

In April, at the NIRSA National Basketball Championships at the University of Maryland, Guzman officiated eight games in 3 days. Due to his superb overall performance, the NIRSA officials committee chosen him to officiate for the Men’s Intramural National Championship game.

Following the game, NIRSA recognized Guzman as one particular of nine All-American Officials, from a total of 51 student officials that officiated at the National Basketball Championships.

“I am honored to get this award but most importantly to represent UTSA,” Guzman stated.

Guzman is the third student from UTSA to get NIRSA’s All-American Honors following Adreanna Broussard in 2015 and Fernando Perez in 2022. He credits Michael Castaneda, assistant director of sport applications, and Cy Fondal, former sport plan coordinator, for assisting him obtain this honor.

“These two folks have shaped me to be the very best official and qualified in and out of sport applications,” Guzman stated.

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