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Urbana firm celebrating appreciate with cost-free of charge BBQ | Each and every day Headlines


Mar 18, 2023

URBANA — If you are feeling amorous today, Wood N’ Hog Barbecue in Urbana is the spot to be.

From 11 a.m. to about 3 p.m., anyone coming by way of the door will be supplied a voucher for $ten off an order in celebration of “National Day of Adore,” courtesy of the Banks Foundation, Inc., and restaurant co-owners Michael McDonald and his sister, Okema Battle.

“It started in 2017 in Houston, Texas,” described McDonald. “Each year on the third Saturday in March they celebrate appreciate by way of giving.”

‘They’ are McDonald’s University of Illinois college buddies, Charles and Deidre Banks. The trio all attended the UI about the incredibly very same time, beginning in 1999.

Charles Banks earned his degree in mechanical engineering while Deidre Banks, who married her husband in 2007 appropriate right after graduation, got bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accountancy.

“They are just sort and generous,” described McDonald of his fellow alumni and lengthy-time close close friends who have completed nicely in their professions and are committed to sharing.

“They are going to come in and set up a booth in our restaurant and as patrons come in, they will give them a voucher for a discount. They hope folks would then reciprocate the act of kindness,” described McDonald, who’s enjoyed a bit of fantastic final results with his delectable barbecue.

McDonald and his sister started humbly in a north Champaign strip mall in 2016.

In 2019, they moved their operation to the world-wide-web web site of the former Li’l Porgy’s at 101 W. University Ave., U. They also have a location at 500 N. Walnut St., in downtown Champaign that is open only Monday by way of Friday.

“We’re undertaking seriously nicely,” described McDonald. “I really feel COVID essentially gave us a different viewpoint. If you can get by way of COVID, you can get by way of some thing. People had been incredibly driven to hold the smalls (locally-owned restaurants) open.”

McDonald is grateful to the regulars who have kept his firm going and appropriate away described yes when the Bankses contacted him about partnering with them for National Day of Adore.

“We’re going to match their generosity,” described McDonald of the $1,000 worth of vouchers that the Banks Foundation intends to hand out.

“Our hope is to make this develop to be contagious. We see folks do it in line at the grocery shop and Starbucks,” he described of folks who provide to invest for an person else’s order.

McDonald described purchasers who come by way of the doors of his restaurant have the signifies to invest and the intention to get the meals they prepare. He’s hoping to attain a couple of other folks today.

“I told some social workers at college who know households who ordinarily do not patronize us for the explanation that they can not afford it. I’ve encouraged folks to come in the course of that time. If you come in, we are going to take care of you. You can order what you want. The target is to help households,” he described.

He hopes that these who have the signifies to invest will most likely get an added meal and give it to an person else or just invest forward the kindness in one particular far more way.

That is what the Banks Foundation is all about, described CEO Deidre Banks.

“Purposeful acts of appreciate are planned events or actions employed to positively have an impact on our communities by way of appreciate,” she described.

Deidre Banks, who described she loved accounting and worked for every Exxon and the Internal Revenue Service in that field, left her paying job to run the foundation that she and her husband started about six years ago.

She described she drew inspiration and assistance from Jennifer LeClaire, founder of Awakening Prayer Hub, a Florida-mostly primarily based worldwide prayer movement in 76 nations.

Charles Banks continues to function for Exxon as an engineer, a position he’s held for quite substantially 20 years. They are the parents of Charles, 9, and Michael, 13.

They started their foundation in Houston, precisely exactly where they spent 14 years of their lives in their respective fields. They now reside in Naperville.

A large aspect of their mission is to award scholarships to college freshmen and sophomores interested in leadership, caring about other folks and giving back to their communities.

At the finish of 2021, they endowed the “National Day of Adore Neighborhood Scholarship” at the UI with their private dollars and matching help from Exxon.

They also have assisted with college supplies and other neighborhood outreach applications.

The giving away meals notion began final year.

“We did it in Bolingbrook at a soul meals restaurant,” described Deidre Banks.

She and her husband instructed the owner that appropriate right after folks ordered to inform them the payment was taken care of.

“We sat in the back and watched. That was a lot of fascinating. We had been in a position to take care of 25 households,” she described of that day’s perform.

Recognizing McDonald and acquiring ties to the UI, Wood N’ Hog was an uncomplicated alternative to help spread their message of appreciate this year. They intend to have their sons present to assistance.

“Certain things validate and reinforce,” a grateful and excited McDonald described of the wide variety of generosity they system today. “When they reached out, I described, ‘Let’s do it.’ This neighborhood is generous.”

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