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Unleashing Innovation on Broadway: The Role of Production Resource Group’s Equipment and Technology in Shaping Theatrical Productions


Nov 21, 2023

PRG, a company that may not be well-known to the average theatergoer, plays a crucial role in bringing the visions of artists to life on Broadway. The company provides equipment and services for 23 of the 26 productions currently on the Main Stem, including light and audio rentals, video and projection mechanisms, scenic automation capabilities, and operational software.

The story behind PRG starts with two separate companies: Harris Production Services, founded by Jere Harris in 1984, and Scenic Technologies, established by Fred Gallo in 1985. These companies came together to form PRG as a response to the need for another scenic shop to take on big Broadway productions. This was particularly important after the dominant scenic shop of the time was unable to handle “The Phantom of the Opera” transferring from London to Broadway in 1988.

PRG has since expanded its offerings beyond just scenery and automation. Today, it includes lighting, audio, video, and live broadcast services. According to PRG’s vice president of Broadway, Alex Donnelly, the company provides “anything to do with technical theater.”

From its beginnings as a response to a specific need on Broadway, PRG has grown into a major player in the industry. Its work is seen by millions of people every year through its involvement in some of the most popular productions on stage today.

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