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UFL Kicks Off Inaugural Season with Impressive Weekend Viewership: Can It Sustain Its Audience for the Long Term?

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
UFL kicks off strong during busy sports weekend

The UFL kicked off its inaugural season during a crowded sports weekend, with games airing on Fox and ESPN. The games drew impressive audiences, with both Saturday games on Fox attracting over a million viewers each. On Sunday, the ESPN-televised games drew 960,000 viewers for D.C. at San Antonio and 703,000 viewers for Memphis at Houston.

In comparison to the XFL’s opening weekend last year, which exceeded 1.5 million viewers for both games, the UFL’s Week 1 numbers were lower but still solid. The USFL also had lower numbers during its 2023 Week 1, with a high of 974,000 viewers. However, history has shown that numbers tend to decrease as the season progresses, especially when it comes to spring football leagues. It remains to be seen whether the UFL can buck this trend and build a strong and sustainable viewership for the remainder of its inaugural season.

By Samantha Jones

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