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Top Advertisers in Israeli Facebook and Instagram Campaigns Revealed: Epoch Magazine Leads the Way with Over $750,000 Invested


Feb 11, 2024
Israeli Social Media: Protest NGOs Lead Top 20 Advertisers, Smotrich in 19th Place

Top organizations that have spent the most money in the past three months to promote their campaigns on Meta Corporation’s Israeli segment of Facebook and Instagram are revealed. Epoch magazine tops the list with a budget of almost 760,000 shekels for its advertising efforts, followed closely by “Veterans of the Yom Kippur War for the Defense of Democracy” who spent 658,500 shekels. The next two positions go to protest organizations Mihdal 23 (Failure 23) and Afkara (Left to Fate), with ad spend of 325,500 shekels and 290,500 shekels respectively.

The fifth place is occupied by “Movement for Quality Power,” with a budget of 173,000 shekels. In sixth place is “Titpater Akhshav” (“Resign”) who invested 164,000 shekels in advertising. In eighth place is Nir Birkiya law firm with a budget of 142,000 shekels. Behind him is the movement “Ibadeta et Ha-Tzafon” (“You have lost the north”), which spent 164,599 shekels on advertising. Rami Greenberg, mayor of Petah Tikva completes the top ten list with an ad spend of 97,818 shekels.

Advertisers in the top ten include Memshala Mufkeret (Wasteful Government), Ufkarna (We’re Left to Fate), Petah Tikva Municipality, Urban Renewal Authority and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich who spent 97,818 shekels on advertising on social networks and ranks at number nineteen.

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