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Top 12 US Metros for Positive Net Domestic Migration: Florida Leads the Way

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Popular Cities in the US Drawing in Residents, with a Focus on Florida Metropolises

Florida has emerged as a popular destination for movers from across the United States, with eight of its cities making it to the top 12 metros with positive net domestic migration rates. Wildwood-The Villages in Florida had the highest rate per 1,000 people, indicating a strong appeal for those looking to relocate. Additionally, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington experienced the greatest total positive net domestic migration, showcasing its popularity as a destination for movers.

Florida continues to attract movers due to its favorable weather, low cost of living and diverse economy. Several Florida metro areas are experiencing significant growth in net domestic migration rates, with Wildwood-The Villages leading the way for overall population growth among metros. Business Insider analyzed data from the Census Bureau, focusing on metros with the most positive net domestic migration. This data reflects the number of people moving to a specific metro area from other parts of the US compared to those moving out.

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington had the highest positive net domestic migration among metros, with a total value of 60,457. Other popular destinations for movers included Houston-Pasadena-The Woodlands in Texas and Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater in Florida, with net domestic migration values of 39,644 and 35,830 respectively. However, when considering population size, Wildwood-The Villages stood out for its thriving migration rates. With a net domestic migration value of 8,684 and a rate per 1,000 around 60 this Florida metro ranked highest among metros per capita.

In addition to Wildwood-The Villages and Myrtle Beach-Conway North Myrtle Beach South Carolina also had notable rates per capita indicating a significant influx of movers into these areas

By Samantha Jones

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