• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Tim Boyle replaces Zach Wilson in the third quarter versus Buffalo


Nov 20, 2023

The Jets are facing a tough challenge in the NFL playoffs, and their latest decision is only adding to the pressure. With the game against Buffalo tied at 29-6 in the third quarter, head coach Robert Saleh made the bold move to replace starting quarterback Zach Wilson with Tim Boyle.

Wilson had been struggling on the field, going 7-of-15 for just 81 yards and a touchdown while being sacked five times before being pulled from action. It was a disappointing performance for Wilson, who had shown promise early in his career but has struggled to live up to expectations this season.

Despite Wilson’s struggles, Saleh had remained steadfast in his support of him since Aaron Rodgers went down with a torn Achilles in the first week of the season. However, with no clear sign of recovery from injury and poor performance on the field, it seems that a change may be necessary if the Jets want to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Boyle is a veteran quarterback who has seen action for several teams over the years, including Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears. This will be his first game with the Jets and he will have big shoes to fill as he takes over for Wilson midway through

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