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The Surprising Progress of California’s High-Speed Bullet Train Amidst Agricultural Orchards: Despite Delays and Cost Overruns

BySamantha Jones

May 16, 2024
California advances with the world’s slowest bullet train

In the sprawling farmland of California’s Central Valley, away from the busy cities along the coast, lies an unexpected sight: a high-speed railway line planned to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco. This bullet train project, which has been in development for over three decades, is one of America’s most ambitious infrastructure projects in recent years.

The location of this massive undertaking among almond and plum orchards adds to its surprise factor. However, what makes it even more astonishing is the visible progress in construction. Despite its slow development pace, California voters approved nearly $10 billion in bonds for the project with an estimated total cost of $33 billion and a projected completion date of 2020.

However, things have changed significantly since then. The project now anticipates spending up to $35 billion and an additional decade just to finish the middle section of the railway, which spans 171 miles from Bakersfield to Merced – the easiest terrain for construction. Despite these challenges and delays, construction continues unabated in California’s agricultural heartland.

By Samantha Jones

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