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The NFL’s New Short Weeks: Are Players Being Pushed Too Hard?

BySamantha Jones

May 16, 2024
Thirteen Teams Scheduled for Two 4-Day Turnarounds

The NFL has done away with the rule that mandated teams play only once per year with a four-day turnaround. Now, multiple teams are playing multiple games with only three days off between them. This season, thirteen teams have short weeks twice in the season. These teams include the Jets, 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, Bengals, Browns, Dolphins, Cowboys, Giants, Bears, Steelers, Ravens and Texans.

For Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Houston one short week happens between Sunday and Thursday and another lands on Saturday to Wednesday for Christmas. The Chiefs also have a five-day turnaround to Black Friday and a four-day turnaround between Saturday December 21 and Wednesday December 25. Despite the NFL’s argument that there is no difference in injury rate between games played with six days in between and games played with three days in between this fails to account for the cumulative wear and tear on a human body due to playing games on short rest. Additionally it ignores the overall disruption to routine and limited time to plan and prepare for a game. Having two short weeks in a season definitely puts teams at a disadvantage.

An update to previous information revealed that four teams that play on Thanksgiving – Bears Giants Cowboys Dolphins – have one other short-week game in addition to their holiday matchups.

By Samantha Jones

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